Dev Retro 2022 :- Wrap up the year 2022 .... ! looking forward to 2023

Dev Retro 2022 :- Wrap up the year 2022 .... ! looking forward to 2023

efforts energy skills luck will 🍾 !

Jan 2022

started DevSecOpsConf non-profitable event and spend a lot of time organizing a standalone to empower the community as well as one of the speakers!

◉ DevSecOps Conf 2022 | Powered by CloudNativeFolks Community - Virtual Event - 8 Jan 2022

I want to thank all speakers and attendees for supporting free events!

🔻Kubernetes Security Tools , Saiyam Pathak ,Civo Cloud , CNCF ambassador

🔻Secure Infrastructure as code with GitHub action by Sangam Biradar , Technical Advocate , Tenable
🔻Open Policy Agent as a Control Engine by David Melamed , CTO and Co-Founder of Jit
🔻DevSecOps; more than just pipelines by Tanya Janca | SheHacksPurple ( best-selling author of ‘Alice and Bob Learn Application Security’)
🔻Don't just detect threats. Take pro-active Action! by Chandu P
🔻Pragmatic Security Automation and DevSecOps in the Cloud by Joshua Arvin Lat , CTO of NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc.AWS Machine Learning Hero
🔻Diversity and Inclusion : Remote/WFH edition by Ixchel Ruiz , DA/DX at jfrog
🔻Securing Cloud Native Workloads with Istio by Software Enginee at IBM Cloud
🔻Infrastructure as Code by Kannan Anandakrishnan
🔻Why is security important in Infrastructure as code ? by Avinash Dalvi , eagleview , AWS Community builder

find my slides here - Secure IAC/k8s/Helm/Docker with Github Action

🔻Secure Infrastructure as code with GitHub action by Sangam Biradar , Technical Advocate , Tenable


  • The Ultimate Docker Cheatsheet for everyone | slides | Blog |

Chaos Carnival 2022

Presented around on GitOps Meets Chaos Engineering

Feb 2022

Bugtron Conference provides crucial for coders to become a software developers

and invited me to present on DevSecOps | K8s | Docker I tried to make it a short overview with some practical hands-on.

excited to announce I've been selected for AWS Community Builder Program in the Container Category! Thanks for the opportunity Jason Dunn, and Shafraz Rahim!

Mar 2022

the just pandemic we all worked hard and spend time with the community its time to get back to the in-person event and meet amazing community members who always enjoyed those conversions.

◉ Demystifying Kubernetes Security - Jfrog office b'lore - March 26

slides - Demystifying Kubernetes Security

we celebrated docker's 9th birthday with all the amazing speakers and attendees

we order an amazing cake!

In March, I got promoted to Principal Security Advocate / Sr Product Marketing Manager role

Tenable is one of the best company in the cybersecurity space advocating for OSS strategy and being the first DevRel person for Tenable make me feel so proud. I miss all my co-worker's amazing team.

hosted yet another event DevOps India Conference 2022

◉ DevOps India Conference 2022 | Powered by CloudNativeFolks Community - 6 Mar 2022

once again I want to thank all speakers for presenting at this FREE event!

🔻 Keep your code safe during the development path using open source tools by Fillipi Pires
🔻Stop Committing your secrets -git hooks to the rescue by Dwayne McDaniel
🔻Managed secretes across cloud using kubernetes by Jhonnatan Gil Chaves
🔻Explore Elastic Observability & Parse different log format with elastic stack by Ashish Tiwari
🔻Distribute Deployment of a microservices applications multiple k8s clusters by Karan Singh
🔻Software BoM at the time of DevOps by Manuel Schuller
🔻Monitoring kubernetes Vs Serverless based applications by Erez Berkner
🔻Unit testing without writing test cases or mocks using keploy by Shubham Jain
🔻Demystifying Kubernetes health check by Gundeep Singh
🔻Evolving your REST APIs , a pragmatic approach by Nicolas Frankel

May 2022

DockerCon 2022 - Docker in Hindi room

Slides - Developing end to end Rust app using docker deskstop

June 2022

Docker Developer Community Meetup at Microsoft Reactor - June 11
Sangam Biradar, Principal Security Advocate, Tenable

I want to thank Microsoft Reactor and team for sponsoring the venue for this event

slides - An Ultimate Guide to Pod Security that every k8s Developers Must Know

July 2022

we did a unique meetup at Nandi Hills 😂

Presented around Gitops Security with Terrascan at Harness office - July 30

slides - Gitops Security with Terrascan

started sketchbook around CNCF and other open-source projects

Terrascan - - Detect compliance and security violations across Infrastructure as Code to mitigate risk before provisioning cloud native infrastructure.

AUG 2022

Open Source Marketplace For Kubernetes -

add magic to your CLI

Okteto - Instantly spin up production-like dev environments in the cloud for every developer.

reduce inner loop and focus on application and code ! Don't think much about Kubernetes Cluster

Sep 2022

yet another great journey started! Deepfence - Cloud-Native Application Protection Platform

Actionable detection, response and compliance for the cloud, without the alert fatigue.

PSP is dead and now its time to adopt Pod Security standard presented at DeveloperWeek Cloud 2022

here is a blog -

written blogpost around YaraHunter -

YaraHunter : Malware scanner for cloud-native, as part of CI/CD and at Runtime

Thanks to docker !

Cloud Native Community Day , Nagpur 2022

amazing crowd at Nagpur!

its houseful! cheers 🥂 to all organizers and attendees!

Thanks to all organisers and speakers as well as the audience really bringing value via community-driven events and knowledge-sharing sessions

Here I have started with Securing the Software Development life cycle moving from monolithic to Microservice and entering into container and Kubernetes and breaking down security using Open Source Cloud Native Security tool Threatmapper hunts for threats in your production platforms, and ranks these threats based on their risk-of-exploit and new threat graph feature is amazing 🤩

And showing different integration and use cases around Google cloud and GKE

Indeed SBOM became so important as well as a lot of secrets 🤐 getting exposed via container images and file systems also we are not thinking enough of malware scanning for cloud-native runtime

And ebpf is a game changer when it’s come to security observability and networking

we planned another event in CNCF Nagpur

  • Avinash Upadhaya - CNCF Landscape Overview

  • Golang Workshop - 5hr training

decided to do a workshop track since adoption of Golang growing massively! conducted 5hr free workshop with hands-on training

Oct 2022

I meet a 16-year-old student/developer MAHESHWARAN M one of the events and he travelled from Hosur to Bangalore to attend meetups and events! I also came from a diploma background so I can understand enthusiasm to learn early can give me a lot of opportunities.

I decided to travel to his diploma colleague and conducted an in-person workshop track on Golang. seems they already know another programming language so it's easy and so interactive learning! enjoyed

Google Cloud Next Innovator Hive

Thanks to Google Cloud Team for inviting me to the Influencer table! it's great to be part of the most active techie bringing change in India!

it was great meeting with Urs Holze, SVP of Engineering and Priyanka Vargadia, Google Developer Advocate and Google India Team!

Hacktoberfest 2022: Docker Extensions "Show-n-Tell"

Deepfence's Team build 2 Docker extensions

  • SecretScanner - Find secrets and passwords in container images and file systems via Docker extension

  • YaraHunter - Malware scanner for cloud-native, as part of CI/CD and at Runtime via Docker extension

Nov 2022

AWS Community Day - 5th Nov

Thanks to AWS Jaipur User Group for the Wonderful Opportunity!

10th Nov - 7th annual All Day DevOps returns on November 10, 2022
"Demystifying Kubernetes Pod Security "
let's learn about Pod Security Standards & more

Thanks to AllDayDevOps for the amazing goodies and swag!

16th Nov visited diploma college where I started my tech journey! its refreshed my all memories!

Dec 2022

upgraded setup!

wrapped up the 2022 event! with all active community organizers and community leaders

2023 will be a great year for ! officially Launched logo

Join CloudNativeFolks Community on Discord -

Thank you for all the amazing moments, and conversions with community members we shared this year! you made 365 days feel like a few days !

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